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¡SANGRE, AZÚCAR Y TEMPERATURA OH! Regal Medical Group Health Fair By: Jesse F. Franco

Blood, Sugar and Temps oh my! Santa Ana College Student Nurses Association (SACSNA) was at it in full force at the Regal Medical Group Health Fair in Santa Ana. Originally there to just take blood pressures, our nursing students, as always, were ready to step up their game to help facilitate quick and accurate health screenings to the community.

            Nursing students were immediately split from small groups to individuals to help screen and educate the public. Throughout the event several different organizers would approach us and say, “I need two student nurses to take glucose checks,” “I need two of you to help run temperature screenings before we can give flu shots,” “I need one of you to translate for the doctor at the booth over there” and even “Can you take manual blood pressures and translate at the same time?” If there’s anything us Santa Ana College nursing students can do, we’ll do it!

            You want that it in English? Spanish? Or Khmer? Not a problem! Our bilingual student nurses were there explaining the dangers of high blood pressure, high glucose levels and high temperature readings to the public in their own native language. This was of course after taking their blood pressures, blood glucose levels and temperatures. Most us had to translate what doctors wanted to say because they were not bilingual. Just another example of why Santa Ana College’s student nurses are amazing! So, amazing “Maggie” from 2nd semester was interviewed on the radio!

               Although it was hectic at times with long lines of people waiting to get screened we never lost our smiles. Anyone who wanted to get checked up on, we were there. Thank you to all our volunteers. From 1st semester we had Karina Cornejo, from 2nd semester An Mai, Thalia Madrigal, Maria Alaniz, Maria Elisa “Elly” Zuniga, Magdalena “Maggie” Lopez, Charles Reinhart, and Jesse F. Franco, and from 3rd semester Natalie Vu.

Special thanks to Professor Louise Jones for helping to get us this opportunity.

By: Jesse F. Franco

Community Outreach Director

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