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"Medical Spanish has been the most productive use of my summer. I enjoyed Jesse and Maggie’s efforts in making the class educational and interesting to nursing students. Thank you for everything that you have done to prepare non-Spanish speaking students to help the Spanish-speaking patients progressively better. We still need to practice Spanish as we practice our nursing skills in the hospital to serve our patients. Please continue to teach Medical Spanish!"

-Yen Hong

"I highly recommend this class. Even with my level of Spanish, there was still a lot of Spanish terminology I didn’t know. We started with the basics in this class, which was a nice refresher. All the Spanish we learned could be directly applied to situations we will be in with our patients. This class went by quickly and it was a great way to practice my assessments this summer. The games we played were really beneficial and I hope this class can continue so others may benefit from it."

-Sandra Castillo

"This was a great Spanish class to take; it gave me a nice foundation in Spanish for medicine. That gave me confidence to better communicate with patients who speak only Spanish. Highly Recommended!"

- Cathy

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