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Pay it Forward

Out of the generosity and compassion from our nursing students, we are able to provide clothing, food and hygienic care products to men, women, and children. We package these essentials by placing them in donated backpacks, tote bags, and red skill bags from our students. They are then hand-delivered to individual transients and shelters for those in need.  Currently, 100% of the items in our care bags are provided by our students.

Recently we have begun to reach out to companies and independent retailers in hopes to increase donations for those in desperate need of them. We feel that any contribution helps. If you wish to help with SACSNA CARES here is a list below of items we need help gathering:

  • Shirts/Pants/Shoes/Socks/Undergarments for Men/Women/children

  • Toothpaste/Toothbrushes/Mouthwashes/Chapstick

  • Deodorants/Cotton swabs/Nail clippers

  • Shampoos/conditioners/Body washes

  • Female care products/Hairbrushes

  • Nonperishable foods such as:

  • Water bottles

  • Crackers (Low Salt, cheese, etc.)

  • Granola bars and fruit bars

We thank you in advance for your contribution to helping SACSNA give to those in need.

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