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Alumni – Christine Olge By: Zauhra Nazery

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Q:  Name and title?

A:  Christine Olge, I’m currently the nursing manager of the psychiatric unit at this facility [prominent non-profit hospital in Orange county].  

Q:What was your graduating class?

A:  Spring 2010.  

Q: What made you get into mental health nursing?

A:  Well, I first wanted to go into nursing because my daughter was born with a medical condition, so I wanted to become a medical/ telemetry nurse.  When I graduated, it was hard to find jobs, so I started off as a nurse in a detox facility in Riverside.  I realized it was right where I needed to be.  Although I originally wanted to be a medical nurse, I loved psych nursing.  From there, I came to work here at [orange county hospital], and then became manager.  

Q: What are the positive aspects of psychiatric nursing?

A: It makes you really grateful.  You gain a better appreciation of what you have in your life, after spending time interacting with your patients.  You realize you can make a positive impact that will last after they are discharged.  Also, we don’t have to deal with bodily fluids [laughter].

Q:  What are the negative aspects of psychiatric nursing?

A:  Patients do come back frequently, because of non- compliance to their medications.  They start feeling better and having more energy, and then they decide that they don’t need it anymore until they go through a crisis.  Also, it can become very emotionally draining or tiring at times.    

Q:  Where there any mentors or professors that helped you out during your time as a student, or that stood out to you?

A:Theresa SImbro, Dale Mixer, Gina Giroux.  Being part of B.O.D., so the other B.O.D. members.  

Q: Any advice for students who are interested in getting into psych?

A:  Learn to set limits.  Know your personality, and learn to draw the line between yourself and patients.  No staff splitting!  Stay connected with your co-workers, because some patients may tell you stuff about another that isn’t true.  Also, at [prominent non-profit orange country hospital], we will be starting a new graduate transitional program for new nurses who are interested in psych.   

Q: Any advice for SAC RN students in general?

A: Get a study group!  Competition is not important.  Get a study group and support each other.      

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