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Alumni – Theo By: ZAUHRA NAZERY

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Q: Name, and what class did you graduate?

A: Theo, Fall 2014 

Q: What area do you work in?

A: I’m a home health nurse.

Q: For those of us that are not familiar, can you explain what a home health does?

A: When a patient gets discharged and they [hospital/doctor] still want follow up care, like dressing changes or wound care, then send a home health nurse.

Q: What are the bad and good aspects of being a home health nurse? Were you always a home health nurse?

A: No, my first nursing job out of school was case manager, but it wasn’t really for me. I like the freedom of home health nursing. You get to pick your own schedule, and work as much as you want or as little as you want. Because you’re not in the hospital, you don’t deal with the stress that other nurses might deal with. You have a supervisor, but you don’t have to deal with management as much since you work out in the field. It is a lot of driving, which I don’t mind, but other people might not like it. You get reimbursed for your miles. Another to keep in mind, is that you can be walking into an environment that you’re not familiar with, so you just have to be careful and aware of where you’re at. And if there’s an emergency with your client, you’re the only person there to help them until help arrives.

Q: Were there any faculty members that stood out or were memorable?

A: Alice Rehm, she use to teach NRN 101.

Q: What advice would you give to current nursing students? Did you study with a group?

A: I couldn’t really study in a group, but I would say do a lot of practice questions. It trains your mind to start thinking the way they want you to think.

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